About Alex

Born in Canterbury in 1995, Alex Rose has been playing music since he was five. Preferring the piano, he composed his first original song when he was ten and has continued to write his own music ever since.

His distinct vocal ability and sound has turned heads in Canterbury and the surrounding area for many years with Alex performing initially at family festivities and at school. Venturing this year into the new arena of ‘open mics’ events across Kent and the south coast has brought Alex professional gig bookings from weddings to town festivals.

Composing influences include The Shins, Sam Smith and Joshua Radin while favourite songs to perform include All of Me (John Legend), Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) and Odds Are (Barenaked Ladies). Inspirations for song writing include his family, friends, his home county (Kent) and events in the national conscious.

Currently studying Forensic Chemistry at the University of Kent, Alex has limitless enthusiasm for his song writing and relishes the current combination of creativity and science in his everyday life!

His ambition? To eventual play at the O2 Arena and Wembley in London. But for now, Alex Rose is happy to play where he is welcome and to keep working on his craft.

Favourite songwriters:
1. John Lennon & Paul McCartney
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Marcus Mumford
4. Jack Johnson
5. Ed Sheeran